Martin Gerschwitz is a classically trained german born keyboard master.

At the age of sixteen, Martin performed classical music with big german Orchestras

"Staedtisches Symphonie

Orchestra Solingen"

"The Bergische Symphonie Orchestra"

Back in 1968, his older brother (who became a very successful Cello player) gave him a record to listen to ,"Five Bridges Suite" by

THE NICE, Keith Emerson's first band  

...and Martin discovered Rock'n Roll !

Martin has since toured the world with legendary rock bands and has perfected his own style utilizing his

classical background and rock influence,

making his music and shows a very versatile,

unique, and delightful experience.

Entertainment at its finest!

Also available for:

Studio work, composing & scoring music

Piano lessons (all ages) and vocal lessons.

Pianist & Violinist & Vocalist 

​​Professional Pianist/Keyboard player ...

Violin player ...

Lead and harmony vocalist ...




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.... and many more !

For booking information,

please contact Martin at:

(949) 291.1811

or e-mail:

Specializing in

Events & Special Occasions

​​... besides touring solo internationally (Europe) and throughout the US,

Martin ("Martino") hosts a local 


(started on 2/3/2005, more than 740 Jam Nights

and close to 15 years running now) 

... always from 7:30pm - 10:30pm 

at "Costello's Neighbourhood Tavern"

in Mission Viejo (27567 Puerta Real, behind the "Kaleidoscope") ...

and since it's a Jam Night, jammers are very welcome - duh (haha) !!!

Please see "local schedule" and/or "tour dates" for details!​