... It was was in 1969,

when Martino created his first band called


For several years Martino performed on the european scene playing with famous german bands as well as international singers, including being the keyboard player for 


(When a man loves a woman)

It was in 1978 when Martino formed his own american style rock band called 


​​They recorded their first album in 1981 called "First Serving", and successfully toured the American Military circuit throughout Europe!

It was in 1985, right after Martino moved to the United States of America, that "Tim Bogert" (ex-Vanilla Fudge bass player)

asked Martino to join his band (Tim Bogert and The Fabulous Violations).

In January of 1987, Martino had the honor to share center stage with great performers, such as

"LOVERBOY", "STEVE STEVENS" of Billy Idol fame, "CHET McCRACKEN" of the Doobie Brothers, "JOHN ENTWHISTLE" of the Who, and "EDDY VAN HALEN", just to name a few.

​As  of today, Martino has performed in over 15,000 live events worldwide, which include solo appearances with orchestras in Germany, European Rock Festivals, The Russian Rhythm & Blues Festival, concert tours in the Persian Gulf countries, the Iceland Rock Festival, and many more.

Martino has also toured the US and the globe with acts such as


including being support act for


all over Europe...


all over the U.S.


Martino and Meat Loaf in Denmark 1996





Early in the year of 1999, Martino joined ​



as their keyboardist/violin player. He toured with this well known band all over Europe, North America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, etc. performing more than 140 shows per year.

​Martino added more credentials to his musical career by recording 3 CD's with this band.

After the band got disbanded in 2005, Martino and the former members of Eric Burdon and the Animals (Dave Meros, Dean Restum, Bernie Pershey) and lead singer Nick D'Virgilio formed a band named 


​... which Martino still tours with, when not on his solo tour.


with new singer "Dave Tyson",

new drummer "Lou Molino" 

... and guest singer

"Gina Kessler" ( on the left)

​​In the summer of 2003 Martino recorded a CD while launching his own band 


featuring band members from

"THE ANIMALS" and others.

Touring Europe several times, mostly throughout Germany and Benelux, Martin Gerschwitz and his band released




recorded in Frankfurt, Germany in November 2004.

One year later, in November of 2005 (immediately after leaving Eric Burdon & The Animals) Martino became the keyboardist and lead vocalist for the 60"s psychedelic rock band


... ​​​well known for their monumental hit song/album "IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA"

In December of 2012,

original bass player "LEE DORMAN"

passed away,  causing the band to be on hold for awhile.

... I'm grateful to have spent 10+ years with original members

Ron Bushy (drums)

and Lee Dorman (bass, RIP)!

To this day Martino is successfully touring solo, persuing his own career throughout Germany & the U.S., mainly Oregon, Washington state, Northern California, Idaho, and also Indiana

and Illinois...

and gradually branching out to Montana, Colorado, Nevada, and other

states and countries as well.


2018 - Life is Good!

"SOLO" & also again with


Martin is gearing up and 

touring the globe!

...  I wonder if I'll ever get tired of this?Traveling can get pretty exhausting at times, but the Music & Fans bring it all back together and create the Fun!

At the end of the day, I love what I do and I do what I love, and I'm grateful for everybody, who wants to be or already is a part of this journey with me.

Martino is also a part of 


...with Christina & Butch Martin.

The show is a spectacular orchestrated tale and musical journey through time in the West!

official website


The music and imagery tells of the Native American people and the Russian ships exploring the West Coast, the Spanish quest into Alta California and the building of the Mission chain, the Lewis and Clarke expedition, the blazing of the Oregon Trail, the trail of tears, the gold rush, and coming of the railroad.  As the centuries turn, we visit the roaring 20’s, the Great Depression and World War ll, the post war boom, dawning of the cold war, the civil rights movement, and Vietnam, arriving at this present age of political polarization.  Romancing the West celebrates the triumph of the human spirit through feast, famine, and decades of social and political change, telling the story of the American people rising above their differences to share this great land today. Three themes boldly emerge throughout the show including the preservation of Hometown America, conveyed through lines like “Where My Home Town Went” written by David Mac Kechnie,  respect for our fellow man and their rights as communicated in songs like “Wallowa Skies,” a tribute to Chief Joseph, and the triumph of the human spirit as shared in songs like “California” which speaks of the melded fates of the Native and Spanish people who built the Mission together, lived and died together in the collapse of the Great Stone Church, and whose ancestors carry on the history of their peoples together in the Fiesta Los Golondrinas.

For more information please visit: www.romancingthewest.org

composer / arranger / pianist / keyboard player / 

lead and harmony vocalist / violinist ​

More about Martino & Music...

Meet Martino !!!

This video is a 52-minute documentary on the music and musings of the astonishing rock musician,
Martin "Martino" Gerschwitz. Martin has toured with such bands as "Eric Burdon and the Animals", "Iron Butterfly", "Meat Loaf", "Walter trout band" and "Lita Ford". His musical mastery of keys, violin, and voice continue to be in high demand. 

Published on May 5, 2016 by Allen Johnson: www.fiphoto.net

Video: https://youtu.be/7uMjVvA3fx4​​



Martino worked together with a well known canadian composer "BRAHM WENGER"

on several movies - he played keyboards on sound tracks for:


 (1996) HBO

"AIR BUD 1"                                                            

(1997 - 1999)

All Disney movies - are available on DVD, or you can watch them on a regular basis on your TV's Disney Channel!

                                                                        "AIR BUD 2"                    "AIR BUD 3"

Martino later on wrote a song together with Brahm Wenger

"Whoa, Don't Go There", feat. Jimmy Z" for yet another Disney movie

"MVP - Most Valuable Primate" (2000)